Effective Dropped Kerb Installation in Radstock

A tarmac walkway that is being constructed by our team

The professional team at Springfield Road Surfacing has years of experience in installing dropped kerbs, also known as vehicle access crossovers. This is an alteration to the footpath outside your property and it involves lowering the kerb and laying new foundations to the pavement, enabling a car to be driven onto the front area of a property.

Excellent Site Surveys

To ensure that all work is undertaken to the highest standards, our team can visit your property to complete a site survey. We’re also able to help with the completion of the necessary license forms required by the local council and highways department. It’s advisable that you always check with your local council that you can proceed with a dropped kerb before applying for a quote.

Call us, in Radstock, Somerset, to enquire further about how our dropped kerbs help with vehicle access.

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